"Holy shit, she smells like heaven, been best friends since we were eleven and, oh my god, I like her… Yeah, I heard you like her. Baby, I thought that we had something, compared to him, I’m next to nothing. Oh my god, I like her… Yeah, I heard you like her.”

2007 DGD for fucking ever

I forgot how fucking good this song is.

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yEa she suckin ur dick but when she go home she rebloggin my textposts so we know who the clear winner is

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"I Would Set My Friends On Fire For You"


Bad Brains - Sailin’ On

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baby, i don’t care about your stomach

or your legs

or how big your boobs are

i don’t care about you at all

leave me alone

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everybody is a little hard to love sometimes

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Should’ve been a soldier
I could’ve fought and died
There’s no revolution
So I bought a bride

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I am my father’s son.
I am no one.
I cannot love.
It’s in my blood.

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